Is a Lunch Box a Business Expense?

If you’re wondering whether you can claim the cost of a lunch box as a business expense, think again. While lunches taken as part of your normal working routine can’t be considered business expenses, meals you share with employees for business purposes can. Taking your lunch to work with your team can be a tax … Read more

Why Lunch is Important?

There is a famous proverb that says food is medicine. A healthy lunch is like good medicine that keeps us healthy. Unlike the diet that most of us are used to in our teenage years, lunch should include nutritious foods. Lunch is an important time to get enough vitamins and minerals from food. It is … Read more

Does Sonic Serve Lunch All Day?

When does Sonic open? Many of its locations open at 6 am and stay open until 8 pm. Then, they open for lunch, offering everything on their menu from breakfast to lunch. For breakfast, you can order a Footlong Chili Cheese Coney. And if you’re in the mood for a big meal, you can get … Read more

How to Pack Condiments For Lunch?

While packing lunch can be difficult, you don’t need to be a food scientist to figure out how to pack condiments for lunch. The following are a few tips to help you create the perfect lunch. Use themed condiment containers. One such option is to buy a leak-resistant sauce container from a lunchbox company such … Read more

Why Did Will Smith Lunch Chris Rock?

It’s been a week since Will Smith accidentally knocked over a fellow Academy Award nominee, Chris Rock, and apologised to the Academy for the incident. While he didn’t mention Chris Rock by name, he did apologize to the academy and the other acting nominees for his behavior. The incident was one of the most embarrassing … Read more

What Should a Pregnant Woman Eat For Lunch?

You can create a delicious and nutritious wrap using skipjack tuna or other seafood. Look for a BPA-free can. You don’t want your baby to ingest mercury-filled canned fish. Other ingredients can include cheddar cheese slices, whole wheat wraps, grape tomatoes, lettuce, and olive oil or avocado oil mayonnaise. These foods are easy to prepare … Read more