How Much Does a Jimmy John’s Box Lunch Cost?

If you’re in the market for lunch catering, you may be wondering how much a Jimmy John’s box lunch costs. Jimmy Johns offers affordable box lunch catering with the highest quality of food. Their tasty treats are made with fresh bread, meat, and vegetables, and contain no chemicals. A Jimmy John’s box lunch is the ideal tool for impressing guests at a business meeting. The good news is that Jimmy John’s is located in 46 different states. They’re happy to cater to any size of party, and their staff is ready to accommodate special orders and provide catering options.

To find out exactly how much a Jimmy John’s box lunch costs, check out the menu. A box lunch starts at $7.99, and contains a bag of chips, a cookie, a pickle spear, and a choice of sandwich. If you’re on a budget, you can opt for a smaller version with three sandwiches, and save an extra $2. If you’re feeding more than eight people, you can order a party box with six or eight sandwiches.

What is a 12 Pack of Mini Jimmys?

A 12 Pack of Mini Jimmys is an individually wrapped sandwich that is half the size of a regular Jimmy Johns sandwich. Those looking for a smaller party platter may want to consider Jimmy Johns Party Platters, which are available in a 15 or 30-piece assortment. A box lunch is available with a choice of a sandwich and extras like a pickle spear, a bag of chips or a bucket of pickles. In addition to sandwiches, the company offers a variety of boxes of six cookies.

The sandwiches are sold in individual, marked cardboard trays. They are priced differently depending on their filling and toppings. One sandwich costs $9.99 while another sandwich costs eleven euros plus a tax. In addition to the mini Jimmys, you may want to consider the sandwiches that are included in the party boxes. If you plan on feeding a large group, you may want to consider getting a 12-Pack of Mini Jimmys.

What Kind of Lunch Meat Does Jimmy John Use?

When it comes to their sandwiches, Jimmy John uses provolone cheese. Their “Vito” Italian sub is loaded with Genoa salami, provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato, and onion. It’s also packed with protein and fats. What’s great about Jimmy Johns’ meat is that it’s pre-cooked and has a mild flavor, so you won’t even feel the heat.

Because Jimmy John’s uses fresh meat and cuts of beef, you can rest assured that the meat is free of chemicals and additives. In addition, the company uses minimally processed meat and uses no artificial flavors. The logo of the brand is an indication that Jimmy John’s meats are sourced from trusted suppliers. In addition to using fresh, locally sourced meat, Jimmy John’s also uses minimally-processed meat, and if possible, the slices of meat are cleaned by cutting them from the middle.

What kind of lunch meat does Jimmy John use for their sandwiches? The restaurant sells baguette-style hoagie rolls and cold sandwiches. Their menu features seven $4.50 subs, eleven $5.50 “giant clubs,” and six $3.50 “Plain Slims.” The company even makes potato chips. In fact, they have more than 1600 locations. There’s a Jimmy John near you!

How Many Sandwiches Do I Need For 25 Guests?

If you’re planning a party and you’ve never ordered a Jimmy John’s sandwich before, you may be wondering how many sandwiches you need for twenty-five guests. Jimmy John’s has been serving gourmet sandwiches for more than four decades and their sandwiches are always a hit! If you’ve ever ordered a sandwich from Jimmy John’s, you know that they’re known for their fresh ingredients and delicious sandwich recipes. Even though they’re known for their sandwiches, you can customize them to fit the number of guests you’re inviting and order whatever you need. The menu will have nutrition information for each sandwich, so you’ll know exactly what to order for a healthy and satisfying meal.

To make sure you have enough sandwiches, check the availability of different flavors. For example, if you’re serving a large number of guests, you’ll want to choose sandwiches that have a high amount of protein. To make sure you have plenty of choices, consider ordering a beefy Black & Bleu, which is beefy and comes with a big bag of fries. Jimmy John’s has never shied away from bold flavors, but their most recent menu items have put their flavor in the forefront. No matter how many sandwiches you order, they’ll leave a lasting impression on your guests.

How Big are Mini Jimmy Sandwiches?

If you’re wondering about the size of the mini Jimmy John sandwiches, you’re not alone. Jimmy John’s recently introduced skinny versions of its original sandwiches, called Little John sandwiches. At just 6.5 inches long, they’re considerably smaller than the standard eight-inch-long Jimmy John. But you’re likely wondering: are they really any smaller than the 8-inch-long sub? The answer is a resounding “yes” – they’re smaller than the typical sub sandwich.

A Jimmy John’s Mini Jimmy includes five meats and six toppings, including ham, roast beef, and sandwich turkey. Its name, “Jammy,” refers to its tendency to feed on people’s hunger. The meats used are ham, roast beef, sandwich turkey, provolone cheese, and onions. The condiments include mayo, oil, and vinegar. Mini Jimmys are perfect for small gatherings and are half the size of an eight-inch Jimmy.

The mini Jimmy sandwich is a franchise. The price of a sandwich depends on the toppings. While the regular Littlejohns can cost $8, a Mini Jimmy sandwich will only cost $3. If you’re ordering for a large party, it’s a good idea to call ahead so the sandwich can be prepared and ready for you. The prices are also similar to the regular sandwiches, but you’ll be paying a fraction of what the originals cost.

Who Makes the Best Sandwich?

The question of “Who makes the best Jimmy John’s box lunch” has always stayed around. There are plenty of ways to spruce up the ol’ Jimmy John’s, but few can top the classic Cuban sandwich. While the Cuban sandwich may not be an authentic Cuban, it does have a lot of meat and is stacked high with cheese and bacon. And while it might not be the most authentic Cuban sandwich, the Jimmy John’s version has a great deal of meat.

A typical Jimmy John’s box lunch contains lettuce, tomato, and mayo. Besides the sandwich itself, you can add extras like oregano or basil to the ingredients. The bread also has an incredible flavor. The most important thing to keep in mind, however, is that you shouldn’t order a warm Jimmy John’s box lunch. These sandwiches are best served cold. You can order a cold one if you’re on the go and want something a little spicier.

Is Jimmy John Healthy?

If you’re on a diet, you may wonder: “Is Jimmy John Healthy?” The answer depends on your lifestyle and what you’re trying to achieve. If you’re concerned about sodium and fat, consider a sandwich made with half-size slices of whole grain bread and veggies. While the nutritional value of your Jimmy John sandwich may vary from other deli sandwiches, you can still make it healthy by choosing more vegetables and cutting back on the salt.

If you’re concerned about the calories in your sandwich, try the plain slims, which are generally considered healthier than club sandwiches. Generally, Jimmy John’s plain slims are priced around $4 to $5. The plain slims contain turkey breast, capicola, and Double Provolone cheese. These sandwiches are great for parties, but don’t be afraid to order a double meat or a triple veggie version, either.

How Much is the Club Lulu at Jimmy Johns?

You’re probably wondering, “How Much is the Club Lulu at Jimmy Johnsons?” Well, this fast food chain serves over 2,500 locations across the United States. Depending on the location, you can dine in or place your order for takeout, delivery, or catering. Either way, a Jimmy John’s meal is a great choice for a hearty lunch.

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